Algorythmically bred bulldogs, from hand-crafted pop culture elements.

By purchasing BitFrenchie, you become a member of a closed society with surprise benefits. 

Minting starts on December 13th. Join our Discord to get the pre-sale mint price of 0.04eth for the first 2000 members.


Bit Frenchie is a NFT created by Frenchie World. 

Frenchie World, launched in 2010, is the biggest dog community in the world, with over 2 million followers on all channels, including A-list Hollywood celebrities. Frenchie World has been featured in The New York Times.

51% of profits from this NFT collection go to care of rescued bulldogs who are awaiting adoption.


We love frenchies, and we think NFTs are the future. So we’ve decided to make the world’s first collection of digitally bred frenchies. 

We’ve created an algorythm that generates 10,000 unique frenchies, using our own hand-drawn elements inspired by the pop culture.



The pre-sale starts on the 13th of December and only 2,000 of you who sign up for the whitelist will be able to access it. The pre-sale mint price is 0.04eth. There will be 4,000 NFTs available and everyone will have a chance to mint 2 of them. Check # channel on our Discord and see how to take your place on the Whitelist.

13th Dec


The official mint starts on December 15th and the price of one mint is 0.05eth. There will be 6000 NFTs available and each of you will have the opportunity to mint a max of 10 of them. There will be special & rare NFTs and when you mint one of them you’ll get some huge benefits. You can see these rare NFTs and benefits on bitfrenchiesociety.com in the section on NFTs types.

15th Dec

20% SOLD

At 20% of NFTs sold, everyone who minted one of 500 MerchFrenchie NFTs will get a BFS T-shirt!

You will also get access to the BFS Merch group where you can participate in a giveaway worth $10,000! You will have a chance to win products from our brands Frenchie World & BFS Merch!

You can check more about BFS Merch on bitfrenchiesociety.com/merch!

at 20%

40% SOLD

When 40% of the collection is sold, everyone who minted one of our EthFrenchie or BtcFrenchie NFTs will be able to pick up their prizes!

You can check more about our rare NFTs on bitfrenchiesociety.com/nfts

at 40%

60% SOLD

At 60%, you’ll be able to pick up your UNIQUE BFS T-shirt! But why UNIQUE?

Our collection consists of 300 UniqueFrenchie NFTs and we will give their owners one piece of UNIQUE clothing (t-shirt) with a picture of their NFT on it!

There will only be 300 such T-shirts in the whole world and no one will have the same image of NFT on it.

at 60%

80% SOLD

When we sell 80% of our collection we will make a huge drop! Anyone who buys NFT will have a chance to win $ 100,000! Yes it is true, we will drop $100,000 to the lucky winner! And if you want to get a chance to win this money you know what to do!

In addition to $100,000, we will also provide VIP tickets for NBA games, crypto events all around the world, business conferences, concerts and movies of the most famous Hollywood stars & singers and much much more!

Nov 09, 2017

100% SOLD

With BFS, our ambition is to find new homes for thousands of bulldogs each year, and provide medical care, food, and shelter while the rescued bulldogs are awaiting adoption. When we sell the whole collection 51% of our revenue will go to French Bulldog Rescue Network.

And because of that, you will receive a CERTIFICATE as the official protector of the French Bulldogs around the world! The certificate gives you a 30-50% discount on all our products forever within the BFS Merch & FrenchieWorld brands!

This is for now just one of the benefits you will get from this certificate and in the future, it will allow you to have a lot more benefits!

at 100%



As you know, we have our own Merch and that’s why our BFS collection has 500 MerchFrenchie NFTs! If you mint one of them you’ll get a classic BFS T-shirt!

Mixed ETHFrenchie

The BFS collection has 10 Mixed- EthFrenchies NFTs! Half frenchie-half ETH. If you mint one of them you will get 0.5 ETH!


The BFS collection has only one MixedBtcFrenchie NFT – a dog that is half bitcoin-half frenchie! If you mint this NFT you’ll get 0.5 Bitcoin!


If you mint one of the 300 UniqueFrenchie NFTs, you will get a unique t-shirt with your NFT on it. You’ll be the only person in the world to posses it.


Reserved for 

Jamie Foxx

Reserved for 

Snoop Dogg

Reserved for 

Joaquin Phoenix

Reserved for 


Reserved for 

Brad Pitt


The Bit Frenchie NFTs are 10,000 randomly generated bulldogs with proof of ownership started on Ethereum network. Frenchie World is our brand launched in 2010, and is one of the biggest dog communities on social media with over 2 million followers , including A list Hollywood celebrities.  BFS is already working with top artists, developers and influencers to create the best NFT’s on the market. We are also featured on NY Times and many more media.

You can mint a Bit Frenchie NFT on December 15, which is the public launch date for the Bit Frenchie NFT. However, more information will be provided on the release date.

Yes, there will be a two days presale before the public launch. The presale will be for whitelisted members. Please, join the Bit Frenchie Discord Society to learn more about joining the whitelist.

There are 6 ways you can sign up for the Bit Frenchie whitelist.There is only a limited amount of whitelist spots. You can visit our Discord server for more information.